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18 Aug, 2007

Mark Withers

Last weekend, myself, my son Anthony, son-in-law Matt, and nephew Blake, left Missouri on a rock and roll road trip to Cleveland Ohio. We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. You might think what a silly thing for a bluegrass die hard like me to do, but it was a great experience. I highly recommend going if you ever have a chance! There is bluegrass and gospel history all through the museum. Its amazing how many rock and roll entertainers over the years have credited Bill Monroe, Louvin Brothers, Bob Wills, George Jones, as being a major influence on their career. It was well worth the trip, I highly recommend it!

Gene Reasoner’s Livin The Good Life
Here’s the web site to Gene’s latest music CD available for digital download:

International Bluegrass Music Museum
Here’s the history page at the web site for the museum in Owensboro, KY:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Here’s the web site for the museum in Cleveland, OH:

Roughstock’s History of Country Music
This history link describes the influence of Bluegrass music on Country Music:

WAMU’s Rise in Broadcasting Parallel Bluegrass Music
From Washington DC, WAMU ranks rose from its show Bluegrass Country. Read more at:


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